Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Twilight VS New Moon

This is a pretty old photo compared to how many we've received since then, but did we really go into which director got it right?
This time last year we were anticipating the release of Twilight- It seemed Catherine Hardwick and Summit Entertainment were making wise decisions, they reassured us fans when photos were released and we saw how much detail had gone into each of the characters appearences, that they were on the right track. The character images that we had conjured up in our minds had taken a human form.
The pressure was on, would the movie life up to fan expectations? The cast and crew members were shocked by the reaction they got towards the movie's release, even though they received some backlash concerning Robert Pattinson taking on the role of Edward, they still didn't expect the series to become a phenomonon. The movie's release was heavily anticipated when clips were released and they saw the characters come to life. 
So the movie was released and it did exceptionally well with a $70.6 mil weekend box office gross, it seemed then that Catherine was everyone's favourite often referred to being a Twi God by some fans. News came that New Moon would begin production shortly after, what fans did not expect was Summit's news report that Catherine Hardwick will not be returning to direct the second installment of the series. Fans were outraged, and confused to why there would be a new director. When Chris Weitz was comfirmed to take on the movie we were all wondering what his approach to the movie would be, since he directed Golden Compass- people thought there would be talking animals, and everything would look well...fake. They were anxious because Twilight was a love story and having a women direct did it justice as she allowed the love element to be the main focus. How would Chris portray emptiness in Bella's life, the loss of a loved one? Depression? Fans thought it would be justice if a female took on the role but once images and clips were released it seemed all our doubts were pushed to one side and you could say they were replaced by hope and excitment. Catherine disappeared from our minds- literally it was "Catherine? Catherine who?!"
The first trailer was released and it showed the wolf transformation, immediatly fans went crazy, it was to be honest AWESOME! It looked real, exactly how we pictured it to be in the book, (even though some said the wolf looked too small) this doubt was shortly erased too when the official trailer was released and we saw enormous wolves as described in the book. So Chris had taken the top spot in fans minds, at comic con he was very much involved in the questions and gave detailed answers. From what the cast has said about him, he is all about the movie, but is- you can say calmer than Catherine- even though he has a short amount of time to complete the movie, and most importantly he has a sense of humour, his relationship with the cast seems genuine.
We began comparing the 2 directors, their approach to the movie and their ideas. I'm not going to lie, I think Chris has a better idea of the characters images than Catherine did, maybe that's because of the feedback that was given for Twilight. Fans didn't know what to expect before Twilight was released and even though it did extremely well there were alot of critics- the Cullens and Nomads were too pale, we could see their make up, and contact lenses, this was wrong, that wasn't portrayed well... etc. Even though the fight and baseball scenes were "visually dynamic" and Catherine did a great job with them, I some how doubt she'd be able to choreograph the stunts in New Moon.
She did well to lay down the foundation and us fans are greatful to her, because without her there wouldn't be an adaptation of New Moon, but there is no doubt in my mind that Chris hasn't done an awesome job with New Moon- so CW for BD!!
So i've attempted to balance out factors on "which director got it right"- let me know if you guys think of anything i've missed out =)
Peace X

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