Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Erm Bella? It's the 21st Century!

Hey Bella? Babe... it's the 21st century, the world's technology has developed beyond Einstein's imagination, yet you don't take advantage of this and buy yourself a mobile (cell phone) WHY?!

Hey don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with not having, or wanting a phone, but for Bella it should be a necessity- especially with her being a danger magnet and all.
Don't you think it could have saved her from ALOT of bother through-out the series? In the movie she had a cell but in the books a phone could have saved herself the stress.
In Twilight she was always wondering where Edward was, rather than pondering where he was, what he was doing, she could have got his number (Maybe it would be in the yellow pages- if Stephanie wanted to she could have - so don't laugh at my concept hehe) from someone- it could be on the school record- hey if the nomads could get Bella's deets, then Bella could get Edward's- and text him like "So, Ed babe... where you at?" Come on admit it, it's not such a bad idea right? Rather than searching for him at school, anticipating his return, she could have saved herself all those sleepless nights! I'm sure that would have surprised Ed babe- sorry Edward- just imagine, there he is hiding away in some forest, and all of a sudden he receives a text from the last person he wanted to hear from!
She could have saved herself from those creeps in the ally by calling the police, or even better, she could have pretended to make a phone call to someone really dangerous to scare off the creeps- Like: "Hey I told you not to hurt him! He only wanted to talk- Wow I didn't realise you could do that much damage to a person who came near me!" I mean if they're scared of Edward, then they may have been afraid of the mysterious person on the phone to the pretty girl walking alone at night! She also could have called Angela or Jessica to tell them she's lost. This would have been possibly better than my idea about her "calling someone dangerous" to scare them off.

In New Moon she could have stayed in contact with Alice at least- like in the movie she's emailing her, she could have left her a voice mail, or text her every so often- letting her know she's fine. OH Alice could have called her when she had a vision of her jumping off a cliff- could have saved the journey- I hope Bells would have lied to get her back because without out Alice's return, Bella wouldn't have been reunited with Edward- and that would kill us Team Edward fans! She could have even kept in contact with Charlie whilst in Italy- poor guy was worried sick- worried for his daughter, while she was away without a care- galovanting across the globe (That's what my friends mum said when she was telling her the gist of New Moon- look Mrs X- Bella couldn't tell Charlie she was off to Italy to save her vampire boyfriend from the Italian vampire mafia could she? Rather than her going to the airport, she'd have been sent away in a straight jacket- then what would have happened?!)

In Eclipse when Edward didn't let her visit Jacob she could have text him to let him know she's fine, and to check up on him atleast- hey I may have realised that I learnt to put up with Jacob and I am not actually Team Switzerland, but the dude atleast deserved an explanation, even if it would be via text! Whilst in the tent before the battle, she could have uploaded a video of a fire and imagined being warm- hehe- sometimes it works, when you're really cold to imagine lying on the sun or something! Or after Jacob over heard Edward and her convo about their top ten best nights- rather than having Edward run after him, she could have called him and explained!

In Breaking Dawn- I think she got her own phone- or she may have borrowed one of Edward's many phones- he's been around for some time, obviously he's had to live in the now, she that also means updating on technology! hehe- she called Edward somehow when she was hunting with Jacob and Renessme (see wasn't that simple?! and he arrived quicker than he would have if she had made Jacob go get him!)

There is probably many more times when Bella could have saved herself, and others alot of bother through-out the series, but these are the main ones I can think of.

One main reason I can think of her not having a cell is because maybe Stephanie wanted to show how vulnerable Bella was, to justify Edward's protective nature. Even though it's like a natural reflex for the Cullen's- Jasper for example, even though Alice is perfectly capable of looking after herself he still defend her- (Bella's graduation party- scaring Jacob when he got in the way of Bella and Alice leaving) and also in the battle scene when he was protecting her in battle too- so she wouldn't have to do much- now thats sweet! Bella to Edward is like a glass ball, it's very delicate, if it drops it will break- their love for each other is strong, but while she was human she was like a glass ball, but once she was a vampire, she's like a metal ball, hard and strong, but even metal can dent! Also Bella is described as needing protecting- even Jacob finds himself protecting her, and he thinks its annoying when Edawrd protects her from in his eyes silly things like the fight between Paul and Emmett.

Apart from the obvious- the story would be very different- that's all the main reasons, my brain can create atm- i'm kinda tried, and I have a very comfy warm bed, and a pillow fight waiting for me! hehe! But if you think of anything let me know (= would love to know!

Peace!! X

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Love Lockdown?

Now before Kanye interupts me, I better get straight to the point (=
I was in the line in the cinema to watch New Moon again- my friend had gone to get some drinks, and I was waiting in line to go into the theatre hall- there were a few girls behind me talking about the movie and the cast. Being who I am, I joined in, by smiling and laughing with them first. Whilst talking to them, I found that they were just fans of the movies and of Rob and KStew- there's nothing wrong with that right? The convo side tracked just a little, from talking about the cast and movie to their love for Rob. They said if they saw Rob they would pounce on him, we all laughed because they were joking- I hope! One of the girls in the group also said that if Rob was back in London she would sleep outside the place he would stay, and said that she would do just about anything to get close to him... this is found very disturbing and I pretended to make a phone call to find my friend who was suddenly lost in the food line- to get away from the psyco!
Later that night I began thinking about the types of fans that exist for the books and movies:
  • There are fans who love only the books- and think the movies don't do the books justice.
  • On the other hand there are fans who love only the movies- because they don't enjoy reading, or do have time etc... or just don't want to.
  • There are fans who like myself love both the books and movies.
  • Some fans who love the actors and will watch the movie to support them.  
  • There are the new fans who are all the above and will continue watching the actors in future projects- I know I will- especially Rob and Kellan's future projects (=
I'm sure there's plenty more catagories for fans- but that's all I got at the time. Thinking of the types of fans that exist, it led me to think about where the actors would be without the amount of love and support they receive for their work right now. Even though I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the books and now the movies, I'm not that bewildered by them that I believe that Rob is Edward- because News Flash- as hard as it may be to believe- Edward is a fictional character!
I'm pro actor too, I love all the cast, I think they do a brilliant job and do the movie and characters justice, and also because they enjoy the series too, now when I get the chance to see them, yeah I'm going to express the above, and i'll be cheering for them, but I want to see them happy, and enjoying their fame, not hiding from it!! I'll be honest, I get really annoyed when I hear that fans overstepping the mark, crossing the "This-Is-My-Personal-Space" line. Rob for example has stressed time and time again that he doesn't like big crowds- that he's afraid of being stabbed- yet some fans feel the need to express their love to such an extent that it pisses me off, as i'm sure it does to ya'll! There are times when I'm a worried TwiFan =/
This also got me thinking ahead- God so much thinking in one night-talk about system overload! But anyway back to the point- Back off Kanye!! Where would the cast be with less support and attention? Would magazine editors want some cast members on the cover of their magazines if they weren't so big in the media right now? It's Rob, KStew and Tay Tay mania right now... it's cover after cover, interview after interview, movie production after movie production- not only for New Moon but also their other projects- they're in convos - literally EVERYWHERE! But would it be like that if they had less support? Would the movie's just be movie's if it wasn't for people and their love for the actors? Would they make as much as they are in the box office, if it wasn't for fans who go to watch them again and again, (i'm talking about fans who love the actors and their work)? I complain about fans who overstep the mark, but is it because of them that the cast and movie's are so huge right now? I don't know... I can speak for myself and a few others when I say that I want to knock some sense into the obsessive fans, it would make the actors life easier... right?
About 40% of the people who watch New Moon watch the movies because they want to see actors who they think are fit- in action. 10% will watch it because they want to know what the fuss is about, also because they've been dragged into watching it. 50% will watch it because they're fans.
Should there be a limit to the fandom? I've spoken to girls who don't see anything wrong with expressing their love for Rob or Taylor by screaming, shouting, crying, "stalking" them. I've also spoken to girls who are the opposite and believe it's wrong- after all they're human too.
There was something on twitter 2days ago about an attempt to a new trending topic to free Rob- leave Rob alone! What would happen if they do? It's not nice to admist, but the cast are where they are today because of those fans who overstep the mark with them, the media is as obsessive with them as the fans... but it doesn't mean its right!

*I stopped to watch the Thinking Of Rob video...*

The movies are making ALOT of money- you can say it's because of the amount of media attention. I'm all for putting an end to rumours and papz agression towards the cast- and other celebs, it's not fair. I don't agree with paparazzi shots, just because you're a celebrity, it doesn't mean they can't be treated with respect, it's not fair to be followed around by cameras and screaming people- think of it like a herd of people running after you with pitchforks, everything spells DANGER... it's wrong! Honestly, the fact that Rob can't even go to a friends concert in peace...disgusts me! I was speaking to Emma a few days ago about stupid rumours in a magazine I read just to humour myself... about Rob being spotted with a "mysterious" blonde... what's next... Rob out in a bar with Marcus- Heat mag the next day "Rob and Marcus...together?!" The fact is people... either we love Rob and want to see him out and about- meeting and greeting fans in the future. happy, making movies, making music, actually enjoying his fame, or we want to see him cooped up indoors, hating everything! We can atleast support sites and campaigns that are anti papz.
I'm currently having a discussion with TwiSisterhood aka Vanessa about Team North and South- North being Free Rob, South being have everything as it is now. Are we guilty for loving and supporting Rob, as fans are supposed to do? Or are we guilty for supporting lies and cheap shots in gossip magz? I don't want to offend anyone seriously thats the last thing I want to do, but this is something I feel really strong about, like I said I'm pro actor, I want to see them happy, not potentially running for their lives away from sleazy papz. So the question now is... what's to be done? What can we as fans do? I know one thing for sure, I don't want to see Rob hiding away, he's got talent and he's been given an opportunity to show his talent... do we really want to wake up one day and find RPattz has quit?

Peace X

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

This is why I love Melissa. She's a woman on a roll. From creating such great scripts, she really has become an inspiration for other people.

Tuesday, 1 December 2009


So it seems like i've been away for ages... but i've been very busy- yes believe it or not I actually have a life outside Twitter and my blog- it's a very boring life but unfortunatly it exists =/ but anyway, I wanted to share a dream I had last night, it was a very weird dream...
So my dream starts with me in a yellow porshe, Emma aka Zoomage was driving-she was wearing some huge, heart shaped shades and a ridiculous wooly scarf around her head, and I was sitting in the passenger seat, wearing my PJs! We were going pretty fast, because the scenery was blurred. Does this remind you of anything...? A certain book and movie? Yeah it's not that hard... so we stop and Emma tells me to get out the car because whatever I was doing was something I had to do by myself- btw I didn't know what I was supposed to be doing (No i'm not stupid ofcourse I was supposed to be saving Edward.... but seriously it's a weird one)
I'm standing there, completly lost, I turn around to ask Emma what my "mission" was but she had gone! I could hear cheers and laughing, so I followed the noise- I end up getting lost in a crowd of people dressed in my least favourite colour, snotty green- Still confused, I look around for a sign... anything to help me, and there's an arrow pointing straight ahead telling me to follow the other arrows... so naturally I did. The arrows lead me to a clock tower- I was loosing my mind with confusion- I look towards the tower, and the brown doors open and out steps Vanessa or as you may know her as TwiSisterhood wearing a Team Cullen tee, I run to her to stop her from walking out into the sunlight (though I had no idea why...) and then the dream changed....
I was watching myself through a mirrored window- in the gym working out with Kellan- YEEEAH!! We're laughing and having a great time... hmmmm
So I turn to see Rob standing there with me- I didn't freak out- he's been in plenty of my dreams- He looked distressed, so I asked him whats wrong, he just sighed and said "how can I be ok when you've not chosen yet" now that confused me- I asked him what he was talking about and he just pointed to me working out with Kellan- then I clocked on, he was distressed because I hadn't chosen between the two- Now that's hard when I'm awake so in my dream ofcourse it's a difficult, impossible decision, and that's exactly what I told Rob- in a nutshell I said "Don't make me do this" It was a very serious scene- "It's not as easy as it sounds, please" and then... my phone rang and not in my dream- It was my phone company asking me to pay my phone bill which was overdue! 
Now I'm hoping when I sleep tonight, this dream will continue... but then again I don't want to have to decide between Rob and Kellan. Also if anyone understands dreams- can understand what they mean then PLEASE contact me...
Let me know what weird dreams you've had- twilight related obviously-maybe we can work out what they mean?

Peace X

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

the Independent talks New Moon box office!

Box Office talk! Sorry that its in installments but my scanner is A4 and the independent is A4 plus some! (Click to enlarge)

Sunday, 22 November 2009

Sunday's Daily Mirror's New Moon special

I wouldn't have known about this if there wasn't an ad on tv last night, so I woke up bright and early this morning... Ok so I'm lying, it wasn't bright and it wasnt early... but what matters is that I brought it and I wanted to share it with you guys =D Some of the content we already know, but then there is some that we don't. There's a little rumour content which I don't support, but don't let that stop you from reading this! There's something for everyone, whether you're Team Jacob or Team Edward, or Team Volturi...hmm ENJOY! (Click to enlarge)

Peace X

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Daily Mirror's NewMoon fansize mag!

This was in the Daily Mirror this morning, its basically a section from the paper- it's a fansize mag! It has got to be one of the coolest things I've ever seen in a newspaper! I'm impressed with the Mirror lately, because it's been fulfilling some of my twineeds and that makes me HAPPY! Wahooo... OMG only 1 more day until NEW MOON!! *dies* (Click to enlarge)

Now if that isn't one of the greatest things to wake up to... then I don't know what is! =D

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Rob talks2 Radio1... but not Scott Mills (shame on you)

Ok so i'm totally going against what I usually do on my blog- which is to have discussions etc that go deep into the series... but COME ON it's NEWMOON mania right now... it/'s interviews, photoshoots, more interviews and it's promotion after promotion after promotion for the cast... and because I love Radio1 and thanks to Emma aka Zoomage I listened to this interview with RPattz, and then wanted to share the video with you guys incase you missed it =D

Oh i cannot get over his smile! oooh!

Peace X

Rob is adorable!

Rob is so cute in this interview! I never thought i'd be jelous of a 12 something year old girl... wow thats saying something! I know he doesn't like kids, he must have been like "what..." when his management told him about an interview with a kid!

Now Twilight fans will want a nodding dog for their cars! haha!

Star mag interviews RPattz

It's a never ending frenzy! I love it! What's so great about it? Well who wouldn't love to walk into a store and see a magazine with interviews and photo's of RPattz? You have got to be insane to walk away empty handed, because he never fails to impress!! (Click to enlarge)

Rob interview in More mag!

Even the media cannot get enough of our beloved RPattz!! Such a cute photo- I love these photos with his hand in his hair! GORGEOUS!!

Sunday, 15 November 2009

A different ending to New Moon?!

So this is also another one of my favourite interviews, simply because our TwiMom aka my TwiGod Stephanie is the interviewee lol!

one of my favourite Rob interviews so far!

This has got to be one of my fav Rob interviews, he is very detailed in his response which gives us a lot more insight on how detailed the movie will be =D

Saturday, 14 November 2009

Company interviews Kristen!!

I love all these new interviews with the cast, because each interview has something different to it. We learn something new each time =D

Cosmopolitan interviews Rob!

Thursday, 12 November 2009

Cullen's reunite!

Yay! They talk about New Moon- obviously... and Chris Weitz, with some C Hardwick thrown in. Nikki mentions having a bigger budget and they talk a liiiitle bit about breaking dawn- THE MOVIE!

so upset...but this video cheers me up... a little!

I am so upset that Rob is in London and I am NOT! Do you know what it means to me that he's back in his home town?! It must bring back so many memories of when he was "normal" Poor guy has wanted to come home for sooo long and when he finally does come home... I'm not there! He's HERE... IN ENGLAND, WHERE I LIVE, but he's in London at a fan event that I sooooo wanted to go to! The people there are soooo lucky! I am incredibly JELOUS of them- you know what? I can't even talk about it anymore- IT HURTS... ALOT!
This video is great, Rob says how much he misses open mike nights and even driving! Something that he once said to be a weak link! Taylor explains how they're still shocked by the support and Kristen... well she doesn't say anything bless her!

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Reelz channel interview!!

Kellan is sooo cute in this interview, which btw I really enjoyed- it was short but it did the job =D

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

New Rob interview

So I don't have a list of interviews Rob is or was doing, but here's an interview from New mag... and again I hope it's real!

Do you see yourself as a heart throb?

No, i've never got the "good looking guy" roles before, so that's saying something!

So you think your fans would be disappointed if they met you?

Yeah they probably would. There's just no way to be what so many people want, because everybody has their own view of me.

To read the rest of the interview, click on the scans! =D

How did Twilight REALLY start?!

Twilight In OK! Mag

Even though I don't read gossip magz.... this had a Twilight special so I had to do it! =D

Heat Magz Twilight Special!!