Tuesday, 1 December 2009


So it seems like i've been away for ages... but i've been very busy- yes believe it or not I actually have a life outside Twitter and my blog- it's a very boring life but unfortunatly it exists =/ but anyway, I wanted to share a dream I had last night, it was a very weird dream...
So my dream starts with me in a yellow porshe, Emma aka Zoomage was driving-she was wearing some huge, heart shaped shades and a ridiculous wooly scarf around her head, and I was sitting in the passenger seat, wearing my PJs! We were going pretty fast, because the scenery was blurred. Does this remind you of anything...? A certain book and movie? Yeah it's not that hard... so we stop and Emma tells me to get out the car because whatever I was doing was something I had to do by myself- btw I didn't know what I was supposed to be doing (No i'm not stupid ofcourse I was supposed to be saving Edward.... but seriously it's a weird one)
I'm standing there, completly lost, I turn around to ask Emma what my "mission" was but she had gone! I could hear cheers and laughing, so I followed the noise- I end up getting lost in a crowd of people dressed in my least favourite colour, snotty green- Still confused, I look around for a sign... anything to help me, and there's an arrow pointing straight ahead telling me to follow the other arrows... so naturally I did. The arrows lead me to a clock tower- I was loosing my mind with confusion- I look towards the tower, and the brown doors open and out steps Vanessa or as you may know her as TwiSisterhood wearing a Team Cullen tee, I run to her to stop her from walking out into the sunlight (though I had no idea why...) and then the dream changed....
I was watching myself through a mirrored window- in the gym working out with Kellan- YEEEAH!! We're laughing and having a great time... hmmmm
So I turn to see Rob standing there with me- I didn't freak out- he's been in plenty of my dreams- He looked distressed, so I asked him whats wrong, he just sighed and said "how can I be ok when you've not chosen yet" now that confused me- I asked him what he was talking about and he just pointed to me working out with Kellan- then I clocked on, he was distressed because I hadn't chosen between the two- Now that's hard when I'm awake so in my dream ofcourse it's a difficult, impossible decision, and that's exactly what I told Rob- in a nutshell I said "Don't make me do this" It was a very serious scene- "It's not as easy as it sounds, please" and then... my phone rang and not in my dream- It was my phone company asking me to pay my phone bill which was overdue! 
Now I'm hoping when I sleep tonight, this dream will continue... but then again I don't want to have to decide between Rob and Kellan. Also if anyone understands dreams- can understand what they mean then PLEASE contact me...
Let me know what weird dreams you've had- twilight related obviously-maybe we can work out what they mean?

Peace X


  1. BWAHAHAHA! Omfg! I want those glasses. I have to get some when we go to the states girl!
    And of course I want the Yellow porche too!
    I actually had a weird dream last night where there was me, you, Bex and Nessa at the LA premier of Eclipse and Kellan was walking down the carpet and I yelled "Kellan! Let me touch you to see if you're real" and he left me touch him then gave me a hug, took a picture of us and then all of us together before he saw my 'Team Emmett' shirt. And I had the Cullen crest wrist band on that hand Kellan sewn onit it. So did you haha. And Bex and Nessa had Robert on theirs.
    He was so impressed he told us to come onto the red carpet and acompany him in to watch Eclipse. Where the dream ends because someone text me and woke me up lmao :P

  2. OMG!!! SRSLY!!!! LMAO!!!!!!! You were saving me???? STFU??!? I cant stop laughing though I AM VERY GLAD TO HEAR that I was wearing a TEAM CULLEN shirt!!! OMG I was "EDWARD" sweet, so I think your dream represents the premiere right?

    So you and Zoom were traveling together (naturally since you are from the same country) and you NEEDED to be sure you got to your destination...hence the speed. Well she knew you had a get a good spot in line so while she handled checking in the hotel and luggage situation she dropped you off. The SNOT GREEN represented GREEN LIGHTS for GO! GO GIRL RUN AND CLAIM your PLACE IN LINE, its of upmost importance! Now since you are coming to meet me I represent the fact that I MET Rob at the premiere this year and you HAD TO GET TO IT hence me and my TEAM CULLEN shirt! You knew that by getting to me you would attain your goal of getting that close to Rob too!

    Now, Kellan and Rob, well at the premiere you realize OMG how can I choose, I came to see Rob, but hello there is another beauty in front of you and Kellan-b-thy-name. Then you remember about the surprise I promised you, and then its like your torn between your loves, but since you and Rob are from the same country he see's this like a betrayal and he cant believe it. Unfortunately, the phone call rang because you needed an outside force to save you, so your decision was like Laurent coming to kill you, but the phone call was the pack of wolves.
    The End.

  3. U can't stop laughing!? I woke up thinking WTF just happened!! LMAO!! I need to give you my dreams to interpret all the time giiiirl this was so accurate and just BRILLIANT!! I'm glad it was an outside force saving me and not some people in white jackets! LOL!!!
    Emma I looove your dreams, they always excite me, they always involve me and kellan and that's just HOT lol- since i've been working out with him it just adds to my imagination!