Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Love Lockdown?

Now before Kanye interupts me, I better get straight to the point (=
I was in the line in the cinema to watch New Moon again- my friend had gone to get some drinks, and I was waiting in line to go into the theatre hall- there were a few girls behind me talking about the movie and the cast. Being who I am, I joined in, by smiling and laughing with them first. Whilst talking to them, I found that they were just fans of the movies and of Rob and KStew- there's nothing wrong with that right? The convo side tracked just a little, from talking about the cast and movie to their love for Rob. They said if they saw Rob they would pounce on him, we all laughed because they were joking- I hope! One of the girls in the group also said that if Rob was back in London she would sleep outside the place he would stay, and said that she would do just about anything to get close to him... this is found very disturbing and I pretended to make a phone call to find my friend who was suddenly lost in the food line- to get away from the psyco!
Later that night I began thinking about the types of fans that exist for the books and movies:
  • There are fans who love only the books- and think the movies don't do the books justice.
  • On the other hand there are fans who love only the movies- because they don't enjoy reading, or do have time etc... or just don't want to.
  • There are fans who like myself love both the books and movies.
  • Some fans who love the actors and will watch the movie to support them.  
  • There are the new fans who are all the above and will continue watching the actors in future projects- I know I will- especially Rob and Kellan's future projects (=
I'm sure there's plenty more catagories for fans- but that's all I got at the time. Thinking of the types of fans that exist, it led me to think about where the actors would be without the amount of love and support they receive for their work right now. Even though I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the books and now the movies, I'm not that bewildered by them that I believe that Rob is Edward- because News Flash- as hard as it may be to believe- Edward is a fictional character!
I'm pro actor too, I love all the cast, I think they do a brilliant job and do the movie and characters justice, and also because they enjoy the series too, now when I get the chance to see them, yeah I'm going to express the above, and i'll be cheering for them, but I want to see them happy, and enjoying their fame, not hiding from it!! I'll be honest, I get really annoyed when I hear that fans overstepping the mark, crossing the "This-Is-My-Personal-Space" line. Rob for example has stressed time and time again that he doesn't like big crowds- that he's afraid of being stabbed- yet some fans feel the need to express their love to such an extent that it pisses me off, as i'm sure it does to ya'll! There are times when I'm a worried TwiFan =/
This also got me thinking ahead- God so much thinking in one night-talk about system overload! But anyway back to the point- Back off Kanye!! Where would the cast be with less support and attention? Would magazine editors want some cast members on the cover of their magazines if they weren't so big in the media right now? It's Rob, KStew and Tay Tay mania right now... it's cover after cover, interview after interview, movie production after movie production- not only for New Moon but also their other projects- they're in convos - literally EVERYWHERE! But would it be like that if they had less support? Would the movie's just be movie's if it wasn't for people and their love for the actors? Would they make as much as they are in the box office, if it wasn't for fans who go to watch them again and again, (i'm talking about fans who love the actors and their work)? I complain about fans who overstep the mark, but is it because of them that the cast and movie's are so huge right now? I don't know... I can speak for myself and a few others when I say that I want to knock some sense into the obsessive fans, it would make the actors life easier... right?
About 40% of the people who watch New Moon watch the movies because they want to see actors who they think are fit- in action. 10% will watch it because they want to know what the fuss is about, also because they've been dragged into watching it. 50% will watch it because they're fans.
Should there be a limit to the fandom? I've spoken to girls who don't see anything wrong with expressing their love for Rob or Taylor by screaming, shouting, crying, "stalking" them. I've also spoken to girls who are the opposite and believe it's wrong- after all they're human too.
There was something on twitter 2days ago about an attempt to a new trending topic to free Rob- leave Rob alone! What would happen if they do? It's not nice to admist, but the cast are where they are today because of those fans who overstep the mark with them, the media is as obsessive with them as the fans... but it doesn't mean its right!

*I stopped to watch the Thinking Of Rob video...*

The movies are making ALOT of money- you can say it's because of the amount of media attention. I'm all for putting an end to rumours and papz agression towards the cast- and other celebs, it's not fair. I don't agree with paparazzi shots, just because you're a celebrity, it doesn't mean they can't be treated with respect, it's not fair to be followed around by cameras and screaming people- think of it like a herd of people running after you with pitchforks, everything spells DANGER... it's wrong! Honestly, the fact that Rob can't even go to a friends concert in peace...disgusts me! I was speaking to Emma a few days ago about stupid rumours in a magazine I read just to humour myself... about Rob being spotted with a "mysterious" blonde... what's next... Rob out in a bar with Marcus- Heat mag the next day "Rob and Marcus...together?!" The fact is people... either we love Rob and want to see him out and about- meeting and greeting fans in the future. happy, making movies, making music, actually enjoying his fame, or we want to see him cooped up indoors, hating everything! We can atleast support sites and campaigns that are anti papz.
I'm currently having a discussion with TwiSisterhood aka Vanessa about Team North and South- North being Free Rob, South being have everything as it is now. Are we guilty for loving and supporting Rob, as fans are supposed to do? Or are we guilty for supporting lies and cheap shots in gossip magz? I don't want to offend anyone seriously thats the last thing I want to do, but this is something I feel really strong about, like I said I'm pro actor, I want to see them happy, not potentially running for their lives away from sleazy papz. So the question now is... what's to be done? What can we as fans do? I know one thing for sure, I don't want to see Rob hiding away, he's got talent and he's been given an opportunity to show his talent... do we really want to wake up one day and find RPattz has quit?

Peace X


  1. Hey girlie, thanks for the blog I always enjoy reading whats on your mind. Now please bare with me on this, but after what occurred this past weekend I am completely disgusted to be a fan right now. The truth is, it was common knowledge where Rob was he was in public. While inside (since I was there) NO ONE bugged him. He stood inhibriated w/his friend and enjoyed show. Outside in the back where you come in and out, NO ONE WAS THERE. No papz. Come to find out the video/pics that were taken werent even at the location I was at. I tweeted before that I've seen him in a public setting and this time things got OUT OF HAND. Im sorry but prove to my what I DID WRONG and I will concede, til then I will stand up here and defend myself. What I can say is that it is utterly ridiculous to start a movement on RESPECT ROB, when at the end of the day, he has money to get security to help him with that. He takes on project after project and keeps himself in demand. His fans us, well we do too. We dont CONDONE media disrespecting his space, but we say we dont want papz, but unfortunately that comes with the job. The same as if a person wanting to become a doctor to say I WANT TO SAVE PEOPLE but I dont want to deal with blood, is that a reality? No, and sorry but I feel there are more important things to do with campaigns but help what we think are "helpless" celebrities. I feel so strong about this because you know I was under the attack which to THIS DAY, yeah, Im not over it. To get to this level? To drive you so MAD to attack ppl you dont know and call them derogotory names and been mean and nasty? I want to be a part of this fandom with people like this? All I'm, saying is if you truly want to FREE ROB of all papz doing, then we can't give into any more Rob Pattinson, that even includes himself by finishing Twilight and bow out, but he doesnt seem to have that in mind. We have the right to LOVE, ADORE and DROOL over him. Why not? Im not doing anything to him, but if he's featured in a magazine again, hell yeah I will buy it. By me buying it though, means he's in demand, and the more popular you are, the more the papz hound you.

    Love you girlie, this isnt about you, this is about the others who viciously attacked me.


  2. Heyyy V, I always love hearing your side of things, and I respect your opinion, as should others. To be honest with you, I kinda side-tracked on this post- it began with me thinking about the cast- them being in demand, and their fame, to watching the video campaign, and just ranting. Honestly I had written this post to I guess you could say make a decision on what I think I want for them (even though it'll make no difference) - if you know what I mean? You could say it's similar to your North and South team discussion. There are times where I feel ashamed to be a twifan because of certain fans actions, because people are going to stereotype no matter what- they're not going to think of you, or me to be any different to say a fan who is out of control. I want to see Rob happy, and if he's happy with the way things are right now, then who are we to complain? The media has made Rob- he is where he is because of them- and it may not be the right circumstances, but it is what it is. Sure i'm gonna support campaigns to stop papz abuse to celebs because it's something I believe in, but I'm not going to forget that I'm supporting Rob, and like you said he is in demand, he doesn't have to make movies, and it't not like he's doing it for free, he's making ALOT of money, so he can hire support for his safety.
    Oh one more thing- HELL YEAH YOU SHOULD CONTINIUE TO BUT MAGZ WITH HIM ON IT- BECAUSE WE'RE DOING THAT TO SUPPORT HIM, and isn't that what fans are supposed to do?

    Love you missy! Like I said, I love hearing your opinion, and to those who viciously attacked you- screw them, they're not even worth wasting your breath on (=