Saturday, 31 October 2009

Rob, Edward, Twilight and Stephanie all in one article?!

This goes hand in hand with another one of my posts about Vampire's being a trend =)
Our beloved Robert Pattinson was mentioned in the November issue of Cosmopolitian magazine... here is the section mentioning Rob from the article =)
        Unless you've been living in a coffin for the past 6 months, you'll know the truth,:regular guys can't cut it anymore- they're just too conventional, too safe. Too...vegetarian. You see fellas with fans scream sex so loudly they make Russel Brand look like he Dalai Lama. Who doesn't come over all teenaged when Twilight's mysterious, moody Edward Cullen (aka Robert Pattinson), skulks on to our screens?

Our very own TwiGod was also mentioned in this article...

        It's notable that women are leading the way creating the new breed of vampire stories- the Twilight and Sooke Stackhouse books (on which Truw Blood is based) are by Stephanie Meyer and Charlaine Harris respectively. And while Twilight is about abstinence and True Blood most definatly isn't (it's full of vampires who do have sex- with women dubbed fang-bangers) they share a common theme: romance, That is boy meets girl, they fall in love but they're not allowed to be together. Think Romeo and Juliet but with sex and sparks (we're sure this is the vibe Shakespeare was aiming for anyway).

To read the full article just click on the scan and I hope it will open and be easy and clear to read =)

So this like I said goes hand in hand with my post about supernatural being a trend, it hasn't gone unnoticed!
Oh also Rob was said to be the 3rd most sexiest vampire... that's probably a printing error, because Rob is the number 1 sexiest vampire "alive"

1: David Boreanaz -in Buffy 
2: Stephan Dorff -in Blade
3: Robert Pattinson- in Twilight
4: Stephen Moyer- in True Blood
5: Gerard Butler - in Dracula
6: Tom Cruise- in Interview with a vampire
7: Brad Pitt -in Interview with a vampire

Peace X (Deejay)

Friday, 30 October 2009

PARTNERS in crime!! muhahaha!

Watch out people!! Me and my buddy Emma have joined forces! She is the primary owner of her personal blog "SPARKLE! and I'm the primary owner of this blog! Woo! So now you'll be getting posts from both of us, also watch for posts on both sites from either of us! =) Now this calls for a celebration! *so if you could all raise your glass...cheers*

We both love Kellen, we have alot in common so let the good times begin!!

Like Kellen-let's welcome Emma into our small family with open arms!!
OR...Rob will Karate chop you!!

Peace X (Deejay)

costumes reversed....?!

It's the eve of halloween, so it's only right to post "unusual" stuff! Some of you females may be dressing up as the Cullen girls, or other female characters from the series, and some of you males may be dressing up as the Cullen boys- but wouldn't it be great if males and females switched roles?! So the guys dress up as female characters, and the girls dress as the Cullen boys! It would look something like this (excuse the realllly bad editing but it's a quick job... )
LMAO! bad job makes it look even worse! hehe!! Uncomfortable guy looks much better dressed as Alice! =D
What you dressing up as for Halloween?! I think after seeing this I'll be Edward, or Emmett... maybe I'll put the two together?! A Kellbert or Edmmett costume! Good times!

Peace X

Thursday, 29 October 2009

Even the Sims want a peice of Twilight!

This is kinda cool! Although Alice looks really creepy... and Jane looks really sweet LOL! Reversed! But it's not bad for a Sims trailer! See TwiHaters everyone wants a peice of the Twilight series!!

SREAM!!... no seriously you will be!

Ok so I know I've been posting alot of videos recently- I don't own them BTW... but it's only because i'm trying to get you more hyped up for New Moon- if thats possible! So here's the video that was shown at the scream awards!! It is friggin awesome!!

WOOOOW!! Meraz is HOT! and yay we actually got some Kristen convo! It was nice to hear her talk, her voice is kinda soothing- thats weird I know..But anyhoo I'll be going back to "going deeeeep into the twilight series" real soon I swear!

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Wednesday, 28 October 2009

New Twilight cast!!

Ok so their not actually humans, or immortal...they're volvo's! But check it out, it's actually really good =)

It is so good, I love the tag lines, they could be used for the movie! It can sound like it's from Edwards point of view- protecting Bella... but it's not, its all about the smexy Volvo!! CLEVER!! =D
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Tuesday, 27 October 2009

longer Kissage!!

Yay another clip =D

The grunting and sighing is kinda hot... maybe a little cringe for those of you who haven't read the book- but you should already know this from Twilight- Edward still hasn't overcome his desire to drink Bella's blood, so poor guy is still finding it difficult, and he has his human moments too where he wants her more than he wants her blood... if you know what i mean!?
Peace X

Saturday, 24 October 2009

Parking lot scene?!

A very short clip from New Moon! I love Rob, I really do! His smile is so breath taking!
I don't care if Summit release all the scenes but 1, I will still be as excited as I am atm. Those complaining about Summit releasing too many scenes... nobody is forcing you to watch them, so chill...and enjoy it while it lasts because its almost 3 down and 1 more to go, its sad =/


No Eclipse for the "Eclipse" logo

@Twilight's twitter account had set up a contest:

RT When @Twilight gets up to 200K guys get the #Eclipse title treatment. :)
and because Twilight fans are great and dedicated, we completed the mission set by @Twilight! Someone told me that "Twilight fans are really sad, and need to get a life if they get excited about the release of the movie logo!" *slap!* LOL.
I don't really care about what twihaters have to say about those of us who love the Twilight series, because well firstly I know that Twilight doesn't have a shortage of fans supporting the series. Secondly the haters only have the guts to say it to one or two twifans, maybe I need to place them in a twilight event, THEN THEY SHOULD SAY IT-haha! Thirdly if they ever read the series, or watch the movie and trailers then they would understand why we love it so much, because they're not just 4 books, and they won't be just 4 movies- like Harry Potter, Twilight has made a place in our hearts, it's not just a love story, because unlike other romantic novels, Twilight has brought together so many people all around the world, it's like Stephanie has unknowingly created a whole other universe for those who love her books, and her characters. We literally EAT, DRINK, BREATHE...LIVE Twilight, and I'M NOT ASHAMED!

So TwiHaters...screw you, because I am saying this loud and clear- I LOVE THE TWILIGHT SERIES, and if you've got a problem with that, then deal with it!! =D
Peace X

Naaasty looking, taaaaasty Edward!!

< - - - - Yes you can laugh... (I did too...) but the cake actually tasted surprisingly good- and not because it had Edward's face carved into the frosting!

NOTE TO SELF: Next time don't carve Edward into butter cream frosting because < - - - - - there's the result =/

The base of the cake was actually spongy- It was the first time a cake I made tasted really good if I say so myself- but maybe I should have used different frosting... but you can only learn from your mistakes so next time- yes there will be a next time- Edward won't look so...deformed!

So the plan was to actually make cupcakes but when the time came I realised I didn't have cupcake cases so I made a rectangle cake because I just wanted to really... here's the recipe for those who want to make a better cake than mine.. =(

Heres the ingredients and method I used:


225g of plain chocolate
225g of unsalted butter
225g caster sugar
170g plain flour 6 large eggs separated.

With this recipe, melt the chocolate in a bowl over water.
  • Cream the butter and sugar in a mixing bowl.
  • Then quickly beat in the melted chocolate until nice and evenly mixed. Beat in a bit of the flour, then add an egg yolk, add more flour, then again egg yolk, until all 6 egg yolks and flour has been added.
  • Whisk the egg whites until they are frothy and the peak of the mixture stands up well.
  • Gently fold the egg whites into the mixture, being careful to lightly mix the ingredients together, without losing air from the egg white.
  • Pour and spread the mixture evenly and gently into a 20.5cm tin (8in), well greased with butter
  • Bake in a preheated oven at 180C or gas mark 4 for approx. 45 mins. Cut the cake in half or bake in two separate tins instead of one, so that you can add a filling between the layers.
  • You can also use icing on your cake or cover with some of the cake decoration ideas on this site.
So if you think you can do better which I doubt you'll be able to I mean look at my master peice.... Let me know! LOL!
Peace X

Friday, 23 October 2009

que the tears ='[

Oh lord, if this doesn't make you cry then I don't know what will! Its soooo sad ='[

Thursday, 22 October 2009

.......and more clips!

Yes some Edward action!! He is looking mighty fine in his New Moon attire!! =D

I love Kristen's Bella scream "No Jake don't!" and in the volturi scenes "No please!"
Oh the wolves get better and better in each clip- its goes from on the spot transformation to jumping over human to transform to backflip transformation- I got my brother to watch some clips and even he was like woah! and he doesn't even like Twilight... =( so great job!

Clips, clips...

This is soooo chilling!! Marcus voice gives me the shivers, Michael aka Aro has done an absolutly amazing job, he gave me goosebumps! Poor Edward and Alice =(
Oh one thing I wanted to say was that the Vampire's quick movements are so fluid like- this is how I imagined they would be, so great job Chris...once again!!

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

So close.... yet NOT so far!!!

The release of New Moon is only around the corner... I know you've probably already watched this friggin awesome trailer a million times but what the hey watch it again.... and then....

lets talk about how amazing this was!!
Firstly can I just say that Kristen has done an exceptionally good job with playing Bella. She has improved in such a short amount of time its really reassuring, I'm hoping that there will be less criticisms about her acting this time round. That's one of the great factors about movie adapations of a book series, there is time to develop and improve their characters!
Now even though I'm Team Switzerland I do have more love for the vamps! Edward the smexy Cullen is hot in his New Moon look! The clothes Rob is wearing now are more Cullen family attire than it was in Twilight- Alice as we all know is their "stylist". Edward's Twilight attire was not picked by Alice lol- it must be in his rebellion stage against her, because Alice would never let Edward walk out the house in jeans and a grey shirt... the peak coat ...maybe she'd have allowed it- and to be honest with you it did look good on Rob! But this look must be Alice approved. =D
My favourite parts of New Moon was towards the end of the book, from Italy onwards, so naturally i'm eager to see them, and this trailer has and will keep me satisfyied until the release =D
The Volturi are looking fantabulous!! Jane and Aro in particular are looking brilliant, exactly how i'd expect them to look, obviously some credit goes to Chris,the stylists, and the make up department- so thanks you guys!
The Wolves are even more awesome than I envisaged it to be in the book. We only got a glimpse of the transformation in Breaking Dawn from Jacob's point of view, but it didn't seem like anything new or jaw dropping for us readers because it wasn't anything unusual for Jacob. The on the spot and jumping over "humans" transformation makes it seem so much cooler than it probably is for the wolves. Its awesome detail like this that is going to attract a new variety of audiences!
Once again say it with me... CW 4 BD!!!
What you look ing forward to in New Moon?
Peace X

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

New Moon Clip

This is awesome!! Bella gives Paul one hell of a bitch slap!! Might I add that Alex Meraz has done an awesome job in this scene!

I also love how Bella says "he tells me nothing because he's scared of you!" so adorable Bella defending Jacob- ironic....?
I love Chaske's Sam voice =D

Friday, 16 October 2009

Choices are hard to make when it comes to these immortals!

As you all know- or don't know- i'm a HUGE, OBSESSIVE twifan, and I think its great that TwiFans unite over the series. Whilst talking to my new friends on twitter, I've come to realise that even though I have a few characters from the books that I like, I can't choose one specific favourite from the Twilight series... and then to make things worse they cast such beautiful actors to play the role that I'm sorry but I cannot pick one team, I'm "team I can't choose because I love them all" apart from the "naughty vampires" aka the Volturi, and the Nomads, even though the actors are somewhat cute! haha!
So why is it that some people cannot choose one team?

Look at them...

So apart from the obvious reasons... that they're beautiful- I have to give solid reasons... so lets wipe that drool, fold in our tongues and wind up our jaws and begin...

Whilst most people are fans of Robert Pattinson because he's playing the perfectly sculpted Greek God Edward Cullen, others love him because of who he is- he is a humble being, who describes himself as being the opposite of Edward, he hates attention, has a beautiful voice, and he's super talented -the list goes on...I love them both, Edward because of how chivalrous he is, and because all the wanted to do was settle down with Bella, and when Renesme came along he was a proud papa who still believed he didn't deserve it! While I love Robert because he is the opposite to Edward, I love that he's not perfect- because nobody is =/ he is a great actor who doesn't deserve to be treated bad by the media.

I love PFach because he's such a good papa, in character as Carlisle and in real life. Apart from the obvious that he's extremely good looking its nice to know that fame hasn't changed that factor about him- his family is always first =) There wouldn't be a "Bellward" without Carlisle, he saved Edward from dying, and took him in as a son. He suffered in silence throughout the transformation from human to vamp and has never took a human, he saves them. Esme is one lucky vampire and Jenny is one lucky human!

Kellen *sigh* and Emmett are both cuddly grizzly bears- see what I did there?! (chuckle) I love Emmett because he's like a big child, he's incredibly patient when it comes to Rosalie but when it comes down to a fight he's the first one up! He teases Bella which is hilarious- breaking dawn is the best example of this, his innuendos to Bella and Edward's intimacy! Kellen...he's a fan favourite, i've heard he loves the attention- he's done push ups on stage at events, he doesn't mind out of control fans- so basically he's the opposite to Rob! You gotta love him, because I do!

Taylor now whats not to love about him aswell, he's buffed up "30 pounds of muscle" to continue being Jacob, that shows dedication, he's only 17! He seems to love wearing Calvin Klien suits- mans got style! There is something about his voice that makes you want to listen to him lol- is that weird? Jacob, i'll be honest with you, took me a while to like, 3 books into the series! I hated him at first, because he was getting in the middle of Bella and Edward, but then once I read Breaking Dawn I saw how much he'd given up for Bella, for her happiness and safety, I couldn't help but feel for him, and he was absolutly hilarious with his blonde jokes=)

Jasper is the strange one, I want to know what goes on in his mind, he's mysterious! I also think he's incredibly romantic, he's not flamboyant about his love for Alice and thats what makes him even sweeter! Jackson to me seems unpredictable, I don't know what to expect! He has the strangest hair do, but thats what we fans love about him- his mohawk?

Now my favourite aggressive wolf has always been Paul! I'm sorry but I loved him even more when he turned on Bella for some reason, and when him and Jacob fought... well that was the best uncalled for fight throughout the series LOL! Alex Meraz... yummy! Is there any need to say more?! He has a great sense of humour, his tweets make me chuckle, and I had his video on replay- the aggressive one!

I've not even gone into detail about them even though this post is long, but I think this is all I can take LOL...

Let me know what team you're on, would love to know why!
Peace! x

Vote for Twilight at the SCREAM awards!

RT@SPIKE_TV Vote 4 the Twilight cast 2009 Scream Awards last day tomorrow!

We all have love for the Twilight movie, and I know some of you were disappointed with it, and some of you think now that we've seen some New Moon footage that Twilight is a step down, but we still gotta show LOVE! and what better way to do that by voting for them to win! So go on and vote for Twilight =)

Peace X

Thursday, 15 October 2009

Supernatural... the new trend?

Ok so the question is has Stephanie created a bigger trend in the supernatural world?

Vampire's were first introduced in poetry before it became an image in gothic fiction in the 1800's. Stephanie has created individual Vampire's but she wasn't the only one, Sheridan Le Fanu created the tale of "Lesbian Vampire- Carmilla"...don't be shocked lol, obviously it was taboo in the 1800's but we live in the 21st century so its acceptable for most people! =) but back to Stephanie, so her vampires have super strength- I mean they can't be killed unless they're torn apart and burnt!
  • Edward has the ability to read minds, and he makes a cheetah look like turtle!
  • Alice has premonitions- which to be honest is really cool!
  • Jasper has the abiltiy to change a person's mood.
  •  Jane has to power to create an illusion of pain and not to mention her twin Alec
  • Alec has the ability to essentially numb someones senses so they can't hear, talk or think!
But we all know their super powers but compared to other vampire's in other fiction Stephanie created aliens! (aliens that have taken over the world lol!)
So apart from the obvious differences, why is it that us readers are not afraid of them? Is it because her story is based upon love? We're not afraid of the Cullen's, and we're not afraid of their "conventional" associates because they drink human blood, we're possibly afraid of their actions towards Bella and other humans in the series, for example i'm not frightened of Victoria, but i'm apprehensive towards her because Bella is- does that make sense? The Cullen's are portrayed as the mysterious people who moved from Alaska, up until Bella's graduation party no human had set foot on Cullen property, they are the wealthy bunch who live a life of luxery- but what you see is not all that it seems- that is why Bella was drawn towards Edward, she was drawn towards what should have been danger in typical circumstances, but like I said, Stephanie created an individual story so we were in for a shock when the plot began to unravel.
Don't worry i've not forgotten the Werewolves....sorry Shape-shifters. Werewolves also fall into the gothic fiction genre. A classic example of a movie is "The Wolf Man" released in 1941- this werewolf and many other werewolves transformed on a full moon- Remus Lupin in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Stephanie's werewolves are also very different to the average werewolves in fiction.
  • They don't transform on a full moon
  • Their transformation from human to wolf is simple and pain free
  • They do not become a wolf by being bitten, it is in their blood you could say- it's been passed down from generations
  • They protect human life
  • There is an Alpha and Beta male in a gang- A GANG OF WEREWOLVES who'd have thought!
But this still hasn't answered the question, so lets talk life at the moment. Vampire's and Shape-Shifters have become popular in the media, wherever I turn I see Twilight- (and no not just in my room.) True Blood has become a popular series- which is also a book adaptation. Vampire Diaries has become a popular series about 2 vampire brothers, 1 is good whilst the other is evil. Movie directors are also eager to get involved in the Vampire franchise- "The Vampire's Assistant" being an anticipated movie since the clips have been released, the list goes on believe it or not, there is a whole list on IMDB-(the least reliable source to get information ,so i've heard....on Imprint podcast)
So it seems since Twilight became a phenomenon everyone wants a peice immortality, i'm not saying it's just Stephanie and the Twilight franchise that has sparked the supernatural genre to grow, but she is partly the reason!
Gimme some feedback on your thoughts to this post!!
Peace X

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Twilight VS New Moon

This is a pretty old photo compared to how many we've received since then, but did we really go into which director got it right?
This time last year we were anticipating the release of Twilight- It seemed Catherine Hardwick and Summit Entertainment were making wise decisions, they reassured us fans when photos were released and we saw how much detail had gone into each of the characters appearences, that they were on the right track. The character images that we had conjured up in our minds had taken a human form.
The pressure was on, would the movie life up to fan expectations? The cast and crew members were shocked by the reaction they got towards the movie's release, even though they received some backlash concerning Robert Pattinson taking on the role of Edward, they still didn't expect the series to become a phenomonon. The movie's release was heavily anticipated when clips were released and they saw the characters come to life. 
So the movie was released and it did exceptionally well with a $70.6 mil weekend box office gross, it seemed then that Catherine was everyone's favourite often referred to being a Twi God by some fans. News came that New Moon would begin production shortly after, what fans did not expect was Summit's news report that Catherine Hardwick will not be returning to direct the second installment of the series. Fans were outraged, and confused to why there would be a new director. When Chris Weitz was comfirmed to take on the movie we were all wondering what his approach to the movie would be, since he directed Golden Compass- people thought there would be talking animals, and everything would look well...fake. They were anxious because Twilight was a love story and having a women direct did it justice as she allowed the love element to be the main focus. How would Chris portray emptiness in Bella's life, the loss of a loved one? Depression? Fans thought it would be justice if a female took on the role but once images and clips were released it seemed all our doubts were pushed to one side and you could say they were replaced by hope and excitment. Catherine disappeared from our minds- literally it was "Catherine? Catherine who?!"
The first trailer was released and it showed the wolf transformation, immediatly fans went crazy, it was to be honest AWESOME! It looked real, exactly how we pictured it to be in the book, (even though some said the wolf looked too small) this doubt was shortly erased too when the official trailer was released and we saw enormous wolves as described in the book. So Chris had taken the top spot in fans minds, at comic con he was very much involved in the questions and gave detailed answers. From what the cast has said about him, he is all about the movie, but is- you can say calmer than Catherine- even though he has a short amount of time to complete the movie, and most importantly he has a sense of humour, his relationship with the cast seems genuine.
We began comparing the 2 directors, their approach to the movie and their ideas. I'm not going to lie, I think Chris has a better idea of the characters images than Catherine did, maybe that's because of the feedback that was given for Twilight. Fans didn't know what to expect before Twilight was released and even though it did extremely well there were alot of critics- the Cullens and Nomads were too pale, we could see their make up, and contact lenses, this was wrong, that wasn't portrayed well... etc. Even though the fight and baseball scenes were "visually dynamic" and Catherine did a great job with them, I some how doubt she'd be able to choreograph the stunts in New Moon.
She did well to lay down the foundation and us fans are greatful to her, because without her there wouldn't be an adaptation of New Moon, but there is no doubt in my mind that Chris hasn't done an awesome job with New Moon- so CW for BD!!
So i've attempted to balance out factors on "which director got it right"- let me know if you guys think of anything i've missed out =)
Peace X

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

New Moon Soundtrack

So this is my first ever post and hopefully not the last, so why not begin with the exciting news that came directly from the horses mouth Twilight via twitter that the soundtrack is being moved up to be released on ... (drumroll please... )FRIDAY!
*fans go wild* It may only be a few days before October 20th but I don't know about you but that honestly excites me beyond anything at the moment, for a number of reasons:
   1st- It means my Twilight soundtrack can finally have a break (if the songs could mysteriously disappear from a CD mine would be the first- they're probably sick of being played!)
   2nd- I will be reading New Moon once again with the soundtrack this time and what can be more exciting than trying to fit the scenes into the songs? Will you be trying it ...? Come on don't pretend you won't- I know you're all obssessive as i am =) DW I'm not here to judge you! =)
   3rd- Even though I know lots of fans were disappointed that our beloved Mr Pattinson wasn't going to be featuring on the soundtrack there are still some pretty good artists on it.
   4th- Well its Twilight related and it must be added to my collection- I mean I can't buy the Twilight soundtrack and not buy the New Moon one, it's insanity!
So it seems Summit are making some wise decisions atm regardless of their past. They are doing well to cater to us twihards!

So thats all for now... I hope you look forward to my next post!
Peace X

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