Friday, 30 October 2009

costumes reversed....?!

It's the eve of halloween, so it's only right to post "unusual" stuff! Some of you females may be dressing up as the Cullen girls, or other female characters from the series, and some of you males may be dressing up as the Cullen boys- but wouldn't it be great if males and females switched roles?! So the guys dress up as female characters, and the girls dress as the Cullen boys! It would look something like this (excuse the realllly bad editing but it's a quick job... )
LMAO! bad job makes it look even worse! hehe!! Uncomfortable guy looks much better dressed as Alice! =D
What you dressing up as for Halloween?! I think after seeing this I'll be Edward, or Emmett... maybe I'll put the two together?! A Kellbert or Edmmett costume! Good times!

Peace X

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