Friday, 16 October 2009

Choices are hard to make when it comes to these immortals!

As you all know- or don't know- i'm a HUGE, OBSESSIVE twifan, and I think its great that TwiFans unite over the series. Whilst talking to my new friends on twitter, I've come to realise that even though I have a few characters from the books that I like, I can't choose one specific favourite from the Twilight series... and then to make things worse they cast such beautiful actors to play the role that I'm sorry but I cannot pick one team, I'm "team I can't choose because I love them all" apart from the "naughty vampires" aka the Volturi, and the Nomads, even though the actors are somewhat cute! haha!
So why is it that some people cannot choose one team?

Look at them...

So apart from the obvious reasons... that they're beautiful- I have to give solid reasons... so lets wipe that drool, fold in our tongues and wind up our jaws and begin...

Whilst most people are fans of Robert Pattinson because he's playing the perfectly sculpted Greek God Edward Cullen, others love him because of who he is- he is a humble being, who describes himself as being the opposite of Edward, he hates attention, has a beautiful voice, and he's super talented -the list goes on...I love them both, Edward because of how chivalrous he is, and because all the wanted to do was settle down with Bella, and when Renesme came along he was a proud papa who still believed he didn't deserve it! While I love Robert because he is the opposite to Edward, I love that he's not perfect- because nobody is =/ he is a great actor who doesn't deserve to be treated bad by the media.

I love PFach because he's such a good papa, in character as Carlisle and in real life. Apart from the obvious that he's extremely good looking its nice to know that fame hasn't changed that factor about him- his family is always first =) There wouldn't be a "Bellward" without Carlisle, he saved Edward from dying, and took him in as a son. He suffered in silence throughout the transformation from human to vamp and has never took a human, he saves them. Esme is one lucky vampire and Jenny is one lucky human!

Kellen *sigh* and Emmett are both cuddly grizzly bears- see what I did there?! (chuckle) I love Emmett because he's like a big child, he's incredibly patient when it comes to Rosalie but when it comes down to a fight he's the first one up! He teases Bella which is hilarious- breaking dawn is the best example of this, his innuendos to Bella and Edward's intimacy! Kellen...he's a fan favourite, i've heard he loves the attention- he's done push ups on stage at events, he doesn't mind out of control fans- so basically he's the opposite to Rob! You gotta love him, because I do!

Taylor now whats not to love about him aswell, he's buffed up "30 pounds of muscle" to continue being Jacob, that shows dedication, he's only 17! He seems to love wearing Calvin Klien suits- mans got style! There is something about his voice that makes you want to listen to him lol- is that weird? Jacob, i'll be honest with you, took me a while to like, 3 books into the series! I hated him at first, because he was getting in the middle of Bella and Edward, but then once I read Breaking Dawn I saw how much he'd given up for Bella, for her happiness and safety, I couldn't help but feel for him, and he was absolutly hilarious with his blonde jokes=)

Jasper is the strange one, I want to know what goes on in his mind, he's mysterious! I also think he's incredibly romantic, he's not flamboyant about his love for Alice and thats what makes him even sweeter! Jackson to me seems unpredictable, I don't know what to expect! He has the strangest hair do, but thats what we fans love about him- his mohawk?

Now my favourite aggressive wolf has always been Paul! I'm sorry but I loved him even more when he turned on Bella for some reason, and when him and Jacob fought... well that was the best uncalled for fight throughout the series LOL! Alex Meraz... yummy! Is there any need to say more?! He has a great sense of humour, his tweets make me chuckle, and I had his video on replay- the aggressive one!

I've not even gone into detail about them even though this post is long, but I think this is all I can take LOL...

Let me know what team you're on, would love to know why!
Peace! x

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