Thursday, 15 October 2009

Supernatural... the new trend?

Ok so the question is has Stephanie created a bigger trend in the supernatural world?

Vampire's were first introduced in poetry before it became an image in gothic fiction in the 1800's. Stephanie has created individual Vampire's but she wasn't the only one, Sheridan Le Fanu created the tale of "Lesbian Vampire- Carmilla"...don't be shocked lol, obviously it was taboo in the 1800's but we live in the 21st century so its acceptable for most people! =) but back to Stephanie, so her vampires have super strength- I mean they can't be killed unless they're torn apart and burnt!
  • Edward has the ability to read minds, and he makes a cheetah look like turtle!
  • Alice has premonitions- which to be honest is really cool!
  • Jasper has the abiltiy to change a person's mood.
  •  Jane has to power to create an illusion of pain and not to mention her twin Alec
  • Alec has the ability to essentially numb someones senses so they can't hear, talk or think!
But we all know their super powers but compared to other vampire's in other fiction Stephanie created aliens! (aliens that have taken over the world lol!)
So apart from the obvious differences, why is it that us readers are not afraid of them? Is it because her story is based upon love? We're not afraid of the Cullen's, and we're not afraid of their "conventional" associates because they drink human blood, we're possibly afraid of their actions towards Bella and other humans in the series, for example i'm not frightened of Victoria, but i'm apprehensive towards her because Bella is- does that make sense? The Cullen's are portrayed as the mysterious people who moved from Alaska, up until Bella's graduation party no human had set foot on Cullen property, they are the wealthy bunch who live a life of luxery- but what you see is not all that it seems- that is why Bella was drawn towards Edward, she was drawn towards what should have been danger in typical circumstances, but like I said, Stephanie created an individual story so we were in for a shock when the plot began to unravel.
Don't worry i've not forgotten the Werewolves....sorry Shape-shifters. Werewolves also fall into the gothic fiction genre. A classic example of a movie is "The Wolf Man" released in 1941- this werewolf and many other werewolves transformed on a full moon- Remus Lupin in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Stephanie's werewolves are also very different to the average werewolves in fiction.
  • They don't transform on a full moon
  • Their transformation from human to wolf is simple and pain free
  • They do not become a wolf by being bitten, it is in their blood you could say- it's been passed down from generations
  • They protect human life
  • There is an Alpha and Beta male in a gang- A GANG OF WEREWOLVES who'd have thought!
But this still hasn't answered the question, so lets talk life at the moment. Vampire's and Shape-Shifters have become popular in the media, wherever I turn I see Twilight- (and no not just in my room.) True Blood has become a popular series- which is also a book adaptation. Vampire Diaries has become a popular series about 2 vampire brothers, 1 is good whilst the other is evil. Movie directors are also eager to get involved in the Vampire franchise- "The Vampire's Assistant" being an anticipated movie since the clips have been released, the list goes on believe it or not, there is a whole list on IMDB-(the least reliable source to get information ,so i've heard....on Imprint podcast)
So it seems since Twilight became a phenomenon everyone wants a peice immortality, i'm not saying it's just Stephanie and the Twilight franchise that has sparked the supernatural genre to grow, but she is partly the reason!
Gimme some feedback on your thoughts to this post!!
Peace X

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