Tuesday, 13 October 2009

New Moon Soundtrack

So this is my first ever post and hopefully not the last, so why not begin with the exciting news that came directly from the horses mouth Twilight via twitter that the soundtrack is being moved up to be released on ... (drumroll please... )FRIDAY!
*fans go wild* It may only be a few days before October 20th but I don't know about you but that honestly excites me beyond anything at the moment, for a number of reasons:
   1st- It means my Twilight soundtrack can finally have a break (if the songs could mysteriously disappear from a CD mine would be the first- they're probably sick of being played!)
   2nd- I will be reading New Moon once again with the soundtrack this time and what can be more exciting than trying to fit the scenes into the songs? Will you be trying it ...? Come on don't pretend you won't- I know you're all obssessive as i am =) DW I'm not here to judge you! =)
   3rd- Even though I know lots of fans were disappointed that our beloved Mr Pattinson wasn't going to be featuring on the soundtrack there are still some pretty good artists on it.
   4th- Well its Twilight related and it must be added to my collection- I mean I can't buy the Twilight soundtrack and not buy the New Moon one, it's insanity!
So it seems Summit are making some wise decisions atm regardless of their past. They are doing well to cater to us twihards!

So thats all for now... I hope you look forward to my next post!
Peace X

Thanks to www.twitter.com/Twilight

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