Saturday, 31 October 2009

Rob, Edward, Twilight and Stephanie all in one article?!

This goes hand in hand with another one of my posts about Vampire's being a trend =)
Our beloved Robert Pattinson was mentioned in the November issue of Cosmopolitian magazine... here is the section mentioning Rob from the article =)
        Unless you've been living in a coffin for the past 6 months, you'll know the truth,:regular guys can't cut it anymore- they're just too conventional, too safe. Too...vegetarian. You see fellas with fans scream sex so loudly they make Russel Brand look like he Dalai Lama. Who doesn't come over all teenaged when Twilight's mysterious, moody Edward Cullen (aka Robert Pattinson), skulks on to our screens?

Our very own TwiGod was also mentioned in this article...

        It's notable that women are leading the way creating the new breed of vampire stories- the Twilight and Sooke Stackhouse books (on which Truw Blood is based) are by Stephanie Meyer and Charlaine Harris respectively. And while Twilight is about abstinence and True Blood most definatly isn't (it's full of vampires who do have sex- with women dubbed fang-bangers) they share a common theme: romance, That is boy meets girl, they fall in love but they're not allowed to be together. Think Romeo and Juliet but with sex and sparks (we're sure this is the vibe Shakespeare was aiming for anyway).

To read the full article just click on the scan and I hope it will open and be easy and clear to read =)

So this like I said goes hand in hand with my post about supernatural being a trend, it hasn't gone unnoticed!
Oh also Rob was said to be the 3rd most sexiest vampire... that's probably a printing error, because Rob is the number 1 sexiest vampire "alive"

1: David Boreanaz -in Buffy 
2: Stephan Dorff -in Blade
3: Robert Pattinson- in Twilight
4: Stephen Moyer- in True Blood
5: Gerard Butler - in Dracula
6: Tom Cruise- in Interview with a vampire
7: Brad Pitt -in Interview with a vampire

Peace X (Deejay)

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