Wednesday, 21 October 2009

So close.... yet NOT so far!!!

The release of New Moon is only around the corner... I know you've probably already watched this friggin awesome trailer a million times but what the hey watch it again.... and then....

lets talk about how amazing this was!!
Firstly can I just say that Kristen has done an exceptionally good job with playing Bella. She has improved in such a short amount of time its really reassuring, I'm hoping that there will be less criticisms about her acting this time round. That's one of the great factors about movie adapations of a book series, there is time to develop and improve their characters!
Now even though I'm Team Switzerland I do have more love for the vamps! Edward the smexy Cullen is hot in his New Moon look! The clothes Rob is wearing now are more Cullen family attire than it was in Twilight- Alice as we all know is their "stylist". Edward's Twilight attire was not picked by Alice lol- it must be in his rebellion stage against her, because Alice would never let Edward walk out the house in jeans and a grey shirt... the peak coat ...maybe she'd have allowed it- and to be honest with you it did look good on Rob! But this look must be Alice approved. =D
My favourite parts of New Moon was towards the end of the book, from Italy onwards, so naturally i'm eager to see them, and this trailer has and will keep me satisfyied until the release =D
The Volturi are looking fantabulous!! Jane and Aro in particular are looking brilliant, exactly how i'd expect them to look, obviously some credit goes to Chris,the stylists, and the make up department- so thanks you guys!
The Wolves are even more awesome than I envisaged it to be in the book. We only got a glimpse of the transformation in Breaking Dawn from Jacob's point of view, but it didn't seem like anything new or jaw dropping for us readers because it wasn't anything unusual for Jacob. The on the spot and jumping over "humans" transformation makes it seem so much cooler than it probably is for the wolves. Its awesome detail like this that is going to attract a new variety of audiences!
Once again say it with me... CW 4 BD!!!
What you look ing forward to in New Moon?
Peace X

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