Saturday, 24 October 2009

No Eclipse for the "Eclipse" logo

@Twilight's twitter account had set up a contest:

RT When @Twilight gets up to 200K guys get the #Eclipse title treatment. :)
and because Twilight fans are great and dedicated, we completed the mission set by @Twilight! Someone told me that "Twilight fans are really sad, and need to get a life if they get excited about the release of the movie logo!" *slap!* LOL.
I don't really care about what twihaters have to say about those of us who love the Twilight series, because well firstly I know that Twilight doesn't have a shortage of fans supporting the series. Secondly the haters only have the guts to say it to one or two twifans, maybe I need to place them in a twilight event, THEN THEY SHOULD SAY IT-haha! Thirdly if they ever read the series, or watch the movie and trailers then they would understand why we love it so much, because they're not just 4 books, and they won't be just 4 movies- like Harry Potter, Twilight has made a place in our hearts, it's not just a love story, because unlike other romantic novels, Twilight has brought together so many people all around the world, it's like Stephanie has unknowingly created a whole other universe for those who love her books, and her characters. We literally EAT, DRINK, BREATHE...LIVE Twilight, and I'M NOT ASHAMED!

So TwiHaters...screw you, because I am saying this loud and clear- I LOVE THE TWILIGHT SERIES, and if you've got a problem with that, then deal with it!! =D
Peace X

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