Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Erm Bella? It's the 21st Century!

Hey Bella? Babe... it's the 21st century, the world's technology has developed beyond Einstein's imagination, yet you don't take advantage of this and buy yourself a mobile (cell phone) WHY?!

Hey don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with not having, or wanting a phone, but for Bella it should be a necessity- especially with her being a danger magnet and all.
Don't you think it could have saved her from ALOT of bother through-out the series? In the movie she had a cell but in the books a phone could have saved herself the stress.
In Twilight she was always wondering where Edward was, rather than pondering where he was, what he was doing, she could have got his number (Maybe it would be in the yellow pages- if Stephanie wanted to she could have - so don't laugh at my concept hehe) from someone- it could be on the school record- hey if the nomads could get Bella's deets, then Bella could get Edward's- and text him like "So, Ed babe... where you at?" Come on admit it, it's not such a bad idea right? Rather than searching for him at school, anticipating his return, she could have saved herself all those sleepless nights! I'm sure that would have surprised Ed babe- sorry Edward- just imagine, there he is hiding away in some forest, and all of a sudden he receives a text from the last person he wanted to hear from!
She could have saved herself from those creeps in the ally by calling the police, or even better, she could have pretended to make a phone call to someone really dangerous to scare off the creeps- Like: "Hey I told you not to hurt him! He only wanted to talk- Wow I didn't realise you could do that much damage to a person who came near me!" I mean if they're scared of Edward, then they may have been afraid of the mysterious person on the phone to the pretty girl walking alone at night! She also could have called Angela or Jessica to tell them she's lost. This would have been possibly better than my idea about her "calling someone dangerous" to scare them off.

In New Moon she could have stayed in contact with Alice at least- like in the movie she's emailing her, she could have left her a voice mail, or text her every so often- letting her know she's fine. OH Alice could have called her when she had a vision of her jumping off a cliff- could have saved the journey- I hope Bells would have lied to get her back because without out Alice's return, Bella wouldn't have been reunited with Edward- and that would kill us Team Edward fans! She could have even kept in contact with Charlie whilst in Italy- poor guy was worried sick- worried for his daughter, while she was away without a care- galovanting across the globe (That's what my friends mum said when she was telling her the gist of New Moon- look Mrs X- Bella couldn't tell Charlie she was off to Italy to save her vampire boyfriend from the Italian vampire mafia could she? Rather than her going to the airport, she'd have been sent away in a straight jacket- then what would have happened?!)

In Eclipse when Edward didn't let her visit Jacob she could have text him to let him know she's fine, and to check up on him atleast- hey I may have realised that I learnt to put up with Jacob and I am not actually Team Switzerland, but the dude atleast deserved an explanation, even if it would be via text! Whilst in the tent before the battle, she could have uploaded a video of a fire and imagined being warm- hehe- sometimes it works, when you're really cold to imagine lying on the sun or something! Or after Jacob over heard Edward and her convo about their top ten best nights- rather than having Edward run after him, she could have called him and explained!

In Breaking Dawn- I think she got her own phone- or she may have borrowed one of Edward's many phones- he's been around for some time, obviously he's had to live in the now, she that also means updating on technology! hehe- she called Edward somehow when she was hunting with Jacob and Renessme (see wasn't that simple?! and he arrived quicker than he would have if she had made Jacob go get him!)

There is probably many more times when Bella could have saved herself, and others alot of bother through-out the series, but these are the main ones I can think of.

One main reason I can think of her not having a cell is because maybe Stephanie wanted to show how vulnerable Bella was, to justify Edward's protective nature. Even though it's like a natural reflex for the Cullen's- Jasper for example, even though Alice is perfectly capable of looking after herself he still defend her- (Bella's graduation party- scaring Jacob when he got in the way of Bella and Alice leaving) and also in the battle scene when he was protecting her in battle too- so she wouldn't have to do much- now thats sweet! Bella to Edward is like a glass ball, it's very delicate, if it drops it will break- their love for each other is strong, but while she was human she was like a glass ball, but once she was a vampire, she's like a metal ball, hard and strong, but even metal can dent! Also Bella is described as needing protecting- even Jacob finds himself protecting her, and he thinks its annoying when Edawrd protects her from in his eyes silly things like the fight between Paul and Emmett.

Apart from the obvious- the story would be very different- that's all the main reasons, my brain can create atm- i'm kinda tried, and I have a very comfy warm bed, and a pillow fight waiting for me! hehe! But if you think of anything let me know (= would love to know!

Peace!! X

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