Saturday, 9 January 2010

Book club?!

I know i've been "missing" for a month, and for that I can only apologise, so here goes...
I'M SORRY! Am I forgiven? Yes?... No?! Ok so here's something that will make you forgive me, Oh i'm always thinking of new discussions to have on this blog, plus i'm literally ALWAYS thinking about Twilight anyway so it's kind of hard not to. So as you know, actually you don't know because I haven't told you, I'm reading Eclipse again, and I was talking to Emma, or as you guys may know her Zoomage about Eclipse, because she's reading it again too, and I had a light bulb moment... I want to have chapter by chapter discussions about the the series! So we'll start with Eclipse, since i'm reading it already, yeah I'm not one to go by the rule book, so sorry i'm not going to begin with Twilight, that will go second ha! So bascially the gist of my light bumb moment is for us to read each chapter, and every week, i'll blog about, it won't be boring, oh no, no, no, it won't be, that I can promise you, unless you dislike my humour, then I don't know what I can do to help you... *sigh*
I'll basically discuss what's going on in the chapter in a nutshell, give my thoughts on it, and then let you guys pitch in your opinions too. This is not a typical book club, it will be much different!
So i'm going to post chapter 1 tomorrow, I know it's short notice, but like I said, i'll discuss what's going on in the chapter for those who can't remember it, or didn't have time to read it.

I'm really looking forward to this for a number of reasons. Not only is this partly my favourite book, but also because it'll only excite me for the Eclipse LA premier which me and Emma are going to in June with Vanessa, aka TwiSisterhood, and it'll be a nice reminder of what should or shouldn't be included in the movie- though it's too late to do anything about it now- and for those who have read the script, of course you're welcome to pitch in, but please don't spoil it for us- Thanks!

Ok so I hope you look forward to this, I sure am! Look even Muscles is excited...

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