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Chapter 1, Part 1

Hey guys!! Finally i'm posting something important (though my previous post was important, any Kellan sexy Lutz news is obviously important in this fandom!) but seriously, I'm posting part 1 of my chapter by chapter of Eclipse! Woo!!

I didn't want to overwhelm you guys by posting the whole thing, because as you all probably know, I write alot. So enjoy part 1, part 2 will be up tomorrow.

Jakes scribbled out note:

Q  Team Jacob fans…“Awww! Damn you Bella, it‘s Jake you want!”

Team Edward fans: “Whatever, Shut up Jake!”

I told myself I would not be biased, but let me tell you this, every time I read this section, even after reading Breaking Dawn, the first thing that comes to my mind is “Ok that’s pretty sad, but come on Jake you’re just trying to make her feel bad so she’ll come running back to you!” I’m sorry, he basically put his feelings in one note, and if he was worried about the note being “harsh” then he would’ve put the last un-scribbled sentence on a fresh piece of paper, but then again, I may be over analysing it. I still think that even after I read how much Jake had given up for her, to be with her, and how much pain he’d gone through, it rubbed against me in the wrong way. I felt that it was a good way to make Bella feel bad to make her go back to him. Let’s be honest, he’s a good contester in this “love game” I mean it almost worked didn’t it?

Charlie cooking, and “blackmails” his own daughter *tut tut!*:

Charlie cooking?! That’s what we all probably thought, but as he reminds Bella, he did live alone for so long before she came, and he survived off his cooking, even if it is hard to believe (he most likely ate at the diner most nights, or relied on take out!) So Bella‘s thinking, “why is Charlie cooking?” as are we, and because she is created by Stephanie to be a simple minded “bland” character, when we read it we become Bella, and of course as readers we’re entitled to ask questions.

It seems he’s “cooking” to get to Bella’s soft side…basically he’s setting the, as I like to call it “blackmail trap” Now I love Charlie as much as the next person, but he is a sly papa!! So Charlie’s slightly reluctant on getting to the point, so he plays with his sentences before finally laying down the trap… she’ll be ungrounded if she learns to balance out her time with Edward, in short “I want you to stop seeing Edward and go see Jacob and your friends… or you’ll be grounded for life! He left you once, what if he does it again?” Ok it may not be as harsh as that, but we all know he was thinking it! He prefers it if she was with someone else, someone like Jacob because Edward left Bella, who in his absence became a living corpse and it was Jake who brought her back to life - Its funny how one essentially takes her life hypothetically when he leaves, and the other is a breath of fresh air, and brings her back… is Jake like oxygen, and Edward a dementor? (Harry Potter reference, SORRY, but for those who don’t know, a dementor is a magical creature who essentially sucks the happiness out of you when around it, or if you’re an unlucky being and get kissed by one, you’ll be left soulless) I’m not saying Edward is evil, but isn’t that what vampire’s are capable of, sucking the life out of you? As harsh as it may sound it’s true. A Vampire is a living corpse, their heart doesn’t beat, blood doesn’t run through their veins, and they don’t need food, water, or even oxygen to survive.

I don’t like thinking of Edward as being evil, obviously he’s not sadistic like James, or the Volturi are, thank God, but he is what he is. Edward learns to control his thirst around her, by feeding more often, being apart from Bella, and believing she was dead, made her even more “fragile” so he wasn’t tempted by her “wine” as much. Of course Edward and the Cullen’s are good vampire’s, they’re vegetarians! When Bella opens the door for him, he smells her wrist, I thought it was pretty darn cute. Bella was sad at the thought of him having to resist temptation, around her all the time, but if Edward puts down his guard, he’ll be upset if he hurts her.

Charlie shows a lot of hostility towards Edward in Eclipse, we caught a glimpse of how it may be at the end of New Moon, when Edward emerged out of the car carrying Bella, who looked like she was unconscious. Charlie doesn’t express his “hatred” towards Edward in such words, but his hints at Bella, his huff and puffs whenever Edward’s around, or whenever he’s mentioned, and Bella’s observations are stated in the book. Though we all knew no matter what Charlie said, and asked Bella to do, she wasn’t going to leave Edward, ever, but it was cute, I always find myself smiling whenever Stephanie showed Charlie being a parent, because it’s not how people portrayed him to be, he was the chief of police, the big tough guy who carry’s a gun, and goes fishing with his friends. Like I said, I do love me some Charlie, he’s such a cute pop!

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