Monday, 18 January 2010

I'm sooo sorry!!

I'll go straight into it... I haven't been online posting because i'm ill... and I'm sorry! I know I promised you guys chapter by chapter on the 9th.. but because i'm STILL friggin ill I haven't been able to use my brain that much =/ it's a shameful excuse but it is indeed the truth! I promise... I SWEAR I will post 3 chapters by the end of the week... REALLY i will! I'm in what I call recovery mode, so i'm still ill, but i'm getting better, so it's only fair I give you 3 chapters to make up for my absence. So get reading people!!

I LOVE YOU ALL!! Thanks for you patience, I really look forward to posting my chapters!! WAHOO!!

Brace yourselves... You know what's below!! *Hard to breathe!*

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