Thursday, 12 November 2009

so upset...but this video cheers me up... a little!

I am so upset that Rob is in London and I am NOT! Do you know what it means to me that he's back in his home town?! It must bring back so many memories of when he was "normal" Poor guy has wanted to come home for sooo long and when he finally does come home... I'm not there! He's HERE... IN ENGLAND, WHERE I LIVE, but he's in London at a fan event that I sooooo wanted to go to! The people there are soooo lucky! I am incredibly JELOUS of them- you know what? I can't even talk about it anymore- IT HURTS... ALOT!
This video is great, Rob says how much he misses open mike nights and even driving! Something that he once said to be a weak link! Taylor explains how they're still shocked by the support and Kristen... well she doesn't say anything bless her!

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