Monday, 9 November 2009

Twilight Wallpaper...


I'm having my own countdown special... For these 11 days i'm going to be doing craaaazy things all twilight related, and I want you all to join in... so starting it today (even though I did the below yesterday) I'll be posting my activites, and like I said I want you to join in and holla at me with your craziness!!

12 Days until New Moon ...

So I was having a discussion with a fellow TwiHard... and we thought it would be really cool if they sold Twilight/Edward/Rob wallpaper! But because I don't think they sell it... We decided we would create our own wallpaper by covering our walls with posters... So I already had a few up already...but it didn't cover the whole wall, so we gathered more posters and pimped out my room- The funny thing is... I reVAMPED my room yesterday in the day, and I had to give up my room to my uncle for the night and he said he couldn't sleep because and I quote "It felt wrong!" and here's why...

LMAO! I don't mind the Rob posters at all- I know i'll be having SWEET DREAMS- Now all I need is some Kellan posters then my shrine will be complete!!
So it took us foreeeeever to put them up but I kinda like it... so i'm going to keep them up for now hehe! Hopefully until they create twilight wallpaper... Send me pics of your SHRINES! ha!

As i'm posting this at 00.05 i;ll post you my "11 days until New Moon activity tomorrow... or today technically, I hope you look forward to it! Remember I want to know what you guys are up to as well!!

Peace X (Deej)

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