Saturday, 7 November 2009

Rob in sugar mag... hmm somehow I think NOT!

Don't judge me OK... but I was in a store today and I brought Sugar mag because the cover of Lad mag had RPattz in - I always go with an open mind into each store hoping to find something New Moon related- but that's a whole other story. I got home to find this interview... Ok read it first then i'll tell you my problem with it...enjoy?

Is it just me or does that sound nothing like Rob?! I honestly think it's not him... unless the interview was with an imposter! There are parts of it that sound a little like him, but i'm not sold. The only good thing about this whole mag was the picture below! See this is what Rob does to me... he makes me buy silly, ridiculous magz simply because he's on it! Well thats £2.45 gone to waste, but I did get a Twilight bracelet- which also was a waste- (slaps hand, silly Deej)

Peace! X (Deejay)

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